Hi Bro, can recommend the the product range for car detailing from wash, clay, polish, sealant, etc?

We usually get questions like these from time to time in our car care category. Yes, it can be quite overwhelming to go through all the car care product descriptions and to understand exactly how to use it. In the end, many just give up and send their cars to the nearby car wash which might not treat your car as well as they should.

So, to keep things simple, we are going to list down the steps that you can easily follow to keep your car shining and protected from the elements.

Step 1: Washing
For routine Car Wash, I will recommend the Ultimate Wash & Wax. As a rule of thumb, always wash your car in shade. The latest formula which we are offering on our store now comes in hybrid blend of premium carnauba wax and synthetic polymer which protect your paint while waxing it at the same time.

Step 2: Surface Preparation
Once the car is clean from the wash, we are going to start preparing the surface for the ultimate shine. For surface preparation it’s good to use the Smooth Surface Clay Kit.

Step 3: Polishing
After that, we would polish it with Ultimate Polish. A good polish does not polish away any paint defects nor does it give you any protection. This step is meant to give you a high glossy effect to the surface of your car. Generally, apply a thin coating so that it would be easier to remove later on. A piece microfiber cloth will come in handy here.

Step 4: Protect
Seal the good stuff with Ultimate Liquid Wax. This is the step where you protect and preserve all the effort that you’ve invested from Step 1: Washing to Step 3: Polishing. Similar to polishing, a thin coating is sufficient, saving you money and time.

And once you’ve accomplished the steps above, you just need to maintain the shine by regular car wash using Ultimate Wash & Wax followed by Step 5 below.

Step 5: Maintaining
To maintain the shine and glory, we would usually recommend the use of Quik Detailer once in a while. The Quick Detailer lubricates the surface of your paint to allow easy removal of dust particles and finger prints. Use a microfiber towel to get the best effect.

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