Sweet Smeel of Danger Facebook Post ScreenshotA recent post on Facebook was forwarded to me and I wasn’t at all surprised. I’ve been preaching for ages that we should look into the contents of air fresheners as some of them smell…how do I put it…chemical-ish??? Bare in mind though, I did not do any testing on any of the mentioned products. However, I question why aren’t the information already available. I’m thinking its time someone takes some kind of action on this.

Upon further digging, I found a couple more articles related to this. All of them strangely from The Star.





This is why I only use California Scents. Not because they are better than the competition. That would be hard to prove as it is rather ambiguous, but due to the fact that they very proudly advertise the safe aspect of their product and also the certifications they have. As a consumer, that is as much as I can depend on to make a “best” judgement.


California Scents Pure

If you check out their website, you will see that they claim to make their products from pure, natural and organic ingredients. They also point out the fact that whats not in their product is what differentiates them.


Let’s take a look at the other side of ‘pure’ and what is not present in our ingredients; extenders, dilutents, and hydrocarbon solvents.


And here’s a little bit about compliance and certification.

California Scents’ dedication to pure has earned the Enviro Kleen Certification on many of its products. Further assuring the consumer that California Scents’ products have been tested and comply with both IFRA and EU standards and the Green standards set by ChemTel Inc.


Made in USAThey also go to great lengths to mention how they are Made in USA and also enviromental friendly. Read more about it here.