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Hyundai Matrix Installing Sony XAV-W650BT with Head Rest Monitors and Rear Camera

///Hyundai Matrix Installing Sony XAV-W650BT with Head Rest Monitors and Rear Camera

Hyundai Matrix Installing Sony XAV-W650BT with Head Rest Monitors and Rear Camera

We had the opportunity to work on Hilman’s Hyundai Matrix.

Opening dashkit is a delicate procedure, especially on vehicles that has been sun-bathed for some time.
Hyundai- Matrix Installing the Sony XAV-W650BT, Head Rest Monitors and Rear Camera

The original stock player is a Pioneer unit.

Much of the existing wires remain intact.

Opening up the rear compartment to run the reverse camera’s wiring.

Taping the RCA cables to ensure the reverse camera video signal doesn’t get disconnected.

We’re going to run the video RCA cable through this black ‘caterpillar’ wire casing, without cutting the connector head of the RCA cable. Pulling through these few inches took us about 10 minutes.

Connecting the wire sockets from the vehicle to the head unit. No vehicle’s wirings are cut to ensure future upgrades can be easily done.

The head unit is now connected to the vehicle.

When you have kids, these Head Rest Monitors becomes a ‘necessity’ add-on to your in-car entertainment system.

Reverse camera video signal shows up on the Sony XAV-W650BT screen.

And FM signal is also crispy clear.

Big Bird and Snuffy now available on all 3 screens. There is an additional video booster added on to amplify the single pre-out video signal from the Sony XAV-W650BT to the dual monitor system. This should prevent any signal deterioration during the video data transmission process.

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