This week, we had Dominic drop by for the installation of the Sony XSP-N1BT into his Hyundai i10. This particular Sony is rather interesting as it does not come with a touch screen. Instead, it is just a cradle for you to dock your phone, which then acts as the screen. This may be the future guys. Only Sony has released such a stereo so far. We have not seen this from other big names so far.


So, the first step is removal of the stock stereo unit. For the i10, this is a rather tricky job. After a little bit of convincing, we managed to remove it successfully.


Here is a side by side look at the stock Hyundai i10 stereo next to the Sony XSP-N1BT which is nestled inside the Hyundai i10 Dash Kit.


This is what you hope not to see when you get into your car in the morning.


Since the Hyundai i10 uses a generic socket which is used across many car models, the wiring job is made easier with the right harness adapter.


All connections are triple checked to ensure that we don’t miss out anything.


For the Hyundai i10, we had to reuse the original brackets from the stock stereo. With some modifications, we managed to get it to match the Sony.


And voila, the stereo fits perfectly. In all honestly, there was some back and forth to get it to fit perfectly.


Dominic’s Xperia sits so nicely. It would fit better without the phone casing though.


One more job under our belt, and a satisfied customer. It’s a good day.

Here are some videos of us playing around with the unit.

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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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