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Toyota Corolla Altis 10th Generation

Wai’s 10th Generation Toyota Corolla Altis ready for the Kenwood DPX-5100BT installation.


The Toyota Corolla Altis stock factory head unit

This is what the factory Altis head unit looks like.


Getting started on the wiring

Getting started on the wiring using the Toyota stereo harness adapter.


Harness ready with Toyota Stereo adapters

Neat wiring like this allows for easier installation and removal of the stereo. No original wires were hurt during this install.


Plug in and ready to mount the new Kenwood DPX-5100BT

Plugging them up ready for the Kenwood.


Bolting it up for a test fit

Test fitting the Kenwood. Sometimes bracket adjustments need to be made for best fitment.


Make sure to test before putting everything back together

Testing out the stereo functions to be sure there are no wiring issues.


The Kenwood DPX-5100BT installation complete

This is what the Kenwood DPX-5100BT looks like once installation is complete.


Bonus job, replacing the light bulbs

Nest thing to do, removal of H.I.D. to be replaced with Halogen.


Out goes the HID

The removed H.I.D. kit


PIAA Night Tech Halogen in place

PIAA Night Tech was chosen to replace the previous bulbs.