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Another video from our past install. Really hard to find time to make them but we will do our best to get it up to date.

This one features the Proton Ertiga which we installed the Teyes CC3 and also the Teyes AHD reverse camera. The head unit is pretty straight forward, however the dash kit is not as perfect as we wished it would be. Some of the plastics on the inside of the car needs to be trimmed for clearance, but even with that, the bottom part of this kit doesn’t really sit flush. Acceptable, but could be better.

The rear camera on this car is a bit more work as quite a few panels need to be removed to gain access to run the wires through. Not too hard, but not exactly easy, doable with some patience.

As usual, Teyes never disappoints when it comes to the head unit performance. Everything works as expected, sounds great and buttery smooth user experience. Definitely worth the upgrade for sure.

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