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This Perodua Kelisa is a friends car that he brought to us along with some goodies that his brother had bought for the car. The items look like they were taken from a Japanese import and the items look like they are JDM items. Good brands too. Along with the installation of the items, he also wanted to get the doors sound proofed as being a Kelisa, it naturally doesn’t have much sound insulation out the factory.

We started off with removal of the door panels and cleaning up the surfaces before proceeding to install the dampening materials. This is the most important step in the process as the surface must be clear from oils and contaminants in order for the dampening materials to adhere properly to the surface. So spend some time on this, don’t rush it, do it right the first time. We added a second absorbent layer as this would further help insulate the cabin from outside noises while also improving the overall audio by reducing the “bounce” from inside the cabin. We also sound proofed the inner linings of the wheel arches in front as it is also a weak spot allowing noise into the cabin through the firewall and door gaps. Overall this really improved the driving and audio listening pleasure in the vehicle by reducing the noise coming in.

Next up were the Carrozzeria head unit and the Alpine active subwoofer. For those who don’t know, Carrozzeria is basically Pioneer, but sold in the Japan market. Typically it doesn’t have multi-language options nor have any English instruction manuals. Quality wise they are basically the same as the Pioneer units we get here. The Alpine subwoofer is an interesting unit as it has the amplifier separate from the subwoofer unit. This adds to the install as you need to figure out a space to mount this tiny amp. Luckily we found a nice space in the center below the dashboard which was perfect.

The results of this install was really good. The products worked well and the sound insulation helped a lot. We hope our friend will enjoy this install as much as we do.

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