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Another Teyes CC3 install brought to you by Fasmoto! This time its the Hyundai IONIQ. The factory head unit on this Hyundai Ioniq has started acting up after a few years so the customer decided to have it replaced.

They Teyes CC3 2K was a no brainer. i mean look at the user interface. Haven’t seen any Android that looks as good so far. Besides that, hardware-wise, the Teyes is simply superb. Smoothness, stability, audio quality, radio reception…it simply does very well in these areas.

The install on this Ioniq was pretty straight forward, the only hiccup was trying to retain the factory reverse camera. Thankfully the experts at Teyes Malaysia helped us out and we managed to get it working. Of course if you have the budget, replacing the camera to a new AHD one is not a bad idea. You will get higher resolution and way better view at night.

Definitely an upgrade we would recommend to all Hyundai Ioniq owners out there. Installation shouldn’t be an issue.

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