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Another Ativa chooses to get the Teyes CC3 installed. It seems people are getting to know how good the Teyes CC3 are. Not cheap, but worth the investment if you want excellent performance and reliability. This customer had issues with his navigation going away whenever he reversed or received a phone call. To reconnect he needs to pick up the phone and go through the mirroring connection processs. This can be annoying when driving. The Teyes CC3 solves all this problems for him.

For the Perodua Ativa, the Teyes CC3 unit is customized so that it fits nicely without the screen sitting too far out. For anyone interested, please arrange with us ahead of time for this particular car model.

On this Perodua Ativa, we also replaced the reverse camera as the factory reverse camera appears quite pixelated and does not perform well in low light conditions. Enter the Teyes AHD camera. So far I must say, this is one of the best image quality on reverse cameras that I have come across so far. Even in low light conditions it performs superbly.

For Perodua Ativa owners who are looking for an upgrade, you can consider the Teyes CC3 for these few reason in our opinion.

1. Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
2. Amazing sound
3. Reliability.

Of course there are more we can appreciate on the CC3, but the above are some of the main things you will gain from this.

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