Works Engineering Twin Ball Bearing Air Charger

This Air Charger is better than the air Micro Compressor because it utilizes the latest ball bearing technology. It increases charge air into your combustion chamber allowing better air/fuel mixture hence better combustion. Performance of this Air Charger is dyno tested and proven to increase BHP/HP/WHP. This device fits all car but is MOST EFFECTIVE ON Turbo, Super Charger, VTEC, MIVEC, DVVT, IDSI and auto tranmission cars.

Saves fuel up to 35%.

Improves and Prolong spark plug & engine’s lifespan.

Improves torque & engine performance.

Increases Engine’s power from 15% to 35%.


Smother running engine and gear shifting, by promoting better combustion.

The Combustion of the air and fuel mixture is more complete compared to an engine without Micro Compressor.

No additional or supporting accessories required as this Air Charger can function independently.

Reviews (Via
The Air Twin Air Charger is attached to the brake booster vacuum hose at the intake manifold end. Air will be sucked in when the driver throttles in. The extra air will then be compressed and fed into the engine giving the car more air for better combustion. The amount of air drawn is in controlled by a valve inside the Air Twin Air Charger valve to ensure that only a controlled amount of air is permitted to enter the engine to avoid over-leaning the air fuel mixture.

2. The idea for attached it to the Master Pump vacuum hose is to give better brake feel and at the same time the external air suck by the intake valve from this Air Twin charger providing better air mixture to give better combustion thus increase your torque.