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Monster Performance Car: Monster 400 Series

Features Interconnects with 3-Way Time Correct® Windings and patented Xtra Low Noise (XLN®) Xtreme construction that reduces unwanted noise as much 80dB, PowerFlex™ Cable with our patented Magnetic Flux Tube® for maximum current transfer and Battery Terminals with integrated blue digital voltmeters. Finished in modern Ultra Polished Mirror Chrome, install 400 Series when you and [...]

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Monster Performance Car: Monster 300 Series

Features advanced Monster technologies and products like our DigiCap™ Stiffening Cap™ Capacitor with blue digital voltmeter display, Interconnects with patented 2-Way Time Correct® Windings and Xtra Low Noise (XLN®) construction for up to 60dB noise reduction and Power Cable in your choice of 4 jacket colors. 300 Series Polished Black Nickel finish connectors, and surfaces [...]

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Monster Cable 200 Series

The Fasmoto Team is excited to bring you Monster Cables- the industry's most trusted brand in the car audio cabling solution. The Monster 200LN Series features: 1) Low Noise: construction provides increased noise rejection up to 50dB 2) Ultra Low profile Stubby connectors for an easy install in tight spaces 3) 4-cut straight Turbine 24K [...]

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STOLEN: Toyota Altis (Black Color) – WUH2519

An Altis owner just reported that he lost his 4-months old baby. Dear all... SOS. My 4mths old altis got stolen yesterday. very sandman now. Black altis reg no wuh 2519. Made police report already but need your help if any of you might see the car..please report to the police.thanks If you've seen this [...]

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Manual for Toyota Camry Replacement Audio System

Following up on the previous post on the Toyota Camry Full Suite Replacement Audio System, here's the manual kit. This installation requires no drilling nor taking apart any of your existing Camry structures- hence making this the perfect compliance audio upgrade for your Toyota Camry! However, I still recommend that you send this to a [...]

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Marriage between Bluetooth Handsfree Kit and iPhone

Seriously, when it comes to iPhones, I'm usually quite skeptical on it's BlueTooth connectivity with other devices. And so began my adventure to pair the iPhone with another complete stranger: one of our popular rear-view handsfree BlueTooth kits. I now pronounce you \'Husband\' and \'Wife\'... Paired successfully! Fortunately, the iPhone and our rear-view [...]

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Complementing the 10.5G Toyota Altis

As with all gadget upgrades, there's always the issue of 'backward compatibility'. Smart designers would make sure that their new upgrades would not break compatibility with its existing ecosystem of software and hardware, unless there's a VERY good reason to do that. And with the newly introduced 10.5th Generation of Toyota Altis, we were anxious [...]

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Head Units Frequently Asked Questions

Post-Installation Questions: Q: Why the TV got image but no sound leh? A: Reset the TV region format to BG. This should do the trick. Q: Why the head unit cannot detect my iPhone 4? A: Sorry, our head units do not officially support iPhones (BlueTooth), until further notice. This is due to the file [...]

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Toyota Altis and our OEM PowerMap GPS Head Unit

Tong is one of our very first customers who got the Toyota Altis Head Unit pre-loaded with the original POWERMAP GPS function. He was one of the forum member who pre-booked the unit weeks before the units arrived. And we are really glad that he was satisfied with the overall performance and quality of [...]

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