Post-Installation Questions:

Q: Why the TV got image but no sound leh?
A: Reset the TV region format to BG. This should do the trick.

Q: Why the head unit cannot detect my iPhone 4?
A: Sorry, our head units do not officially support iPhones (BlueTooth), until further notice. This is due to the file system of iPhone incompatibility with our head unit. In fact, most head units out there has the same issue. Although in some cases, you might be able to connect to iPhones via BlueTooth. We’ll continue to follow up with Steve Jobs on this one.

Q: I can hear some minor interference when the bluetooth connection is on, is this normal?
A: Yes this is normal and this interference sound will go off once media files is played or phone call is activated. This is a standard issue with most BlueTooth-enabled DVD player out there.