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1st Gen Honda Stream Kenwood KMM-BT302 Install

Encik Mohammad Azhar came to us looking for a Single DIN receiver to replace his stock receiver which was no longer making any sound. He wanted a simple unit and decided on the KMM-BT302 since he doesn’t use CD’s much these days. Plus the added Bluetooth connectivity allows for music streaming from smartphones.



We were hit with a big surprise when we removed the faulty single DIN receiver. The workmanship done before was so awful. The wires were all left open and not insulated. No wonder the previous head unit was no longer working, any of those wires could have easily shorted the unit. This is a perfect example of how not to wire your stereo, or anything else for that matter.


After a cleaning up the wires, we proceeded to wire up the new Kenwood. Pretty straight forward and a relatively quick job.


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Varman’s Isuzu D-Max JVC KD-R971BT Stereo Upgrade

Just before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Varman came to us looking for a Bluetooth head unit, mainly for streaming music. We introduced a few units to him and after doing some research himself, he decided on the  JVC KD-R971BT single DIN receiver.  For ease of installation, we suggested the Isuzu D-Max Stereo Harness Adapter. No Dash Kits were required for this install.


These days, even single DIN installs are never so easy due to the way modern dashboards are designed. Fancy curves and angle mean that more of the trim has to be removed in order to reach the receiver.



As usual, one of the first things we start with are the stereo harness adapters. We wire up the JVC harness to the Isuzu D-Max adapter. This will allow us to plug the new player into the factory harness.


Once complete, we check, test and finally tidy up the wires.


In goes the brand new JVC. The illumination on KD-R971BT is probably the most elaborate illumination we have seen to date. Multiple colors come through the display which makes it look pretty. It can fade from one color to another in a smooth gradient. Definitely one of the unique points of this receiver.


Here is the finished install. We should’ve taken a video but Varman was in a rush to buka puasa with his colleagues so we rushed it through and let him be on his way.

Varman was quite satisfied with the unit that he wrote a review on our page which hopefully help other buyers when making a decision. Check out his review here

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Volkswagen Beetle with PIAA Silicone Wiper Refills

Thanks to Aaron who provided me a Volkswagen Beetle for this experiment.

Most of the time when a VW customer drops and ask for a set of PIAA wipers, they are usually turned down simply because it’s not available. But since Aaron is a polite and good-mannered customer, I decided to hack these German-engineered wipers with him.

And we succeeded!


Volkswagen Beetle with PIAA Silicone Wiper Refills

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Kenwood KMM-BT302 Installation on Nissan Latio

Jeya shares with us his installation of the Kenwood KMM-BT302 on his Nissan Latio.

First cut is the deepest.

Off with the old, in with the new.

Test fitting the KMM-BT302 with a single DIN drawer.

Never forget to reconnect the antenna joint from the vehicle to the player. Otherwise, your FM reception will suffer during bad weather. Adding the antenna adapter below prevents unnecessary cutting of your vehicle’s original wiring.

Screwing the side steel bracket so that the KMM-BT302 fits snugly into place.

Connecting the wires from the vehicle to the KMM-BT302.

Grounding the wires with the metal ring eyelets. This ensures the grounding contact can be permanently fixed to the body of the steel bracket with a screw.

Cable wrapping to make the wiring neat and tidy. Definitely appeals to the OCD in us.

Wrapping up the bigger pieces with foam wrap to prevent vibrations.

Tuning and adjusting the KMM-BT302 in its new home.


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Sony XAV-W650BT stereo upgrade for Wan’s Toyota Vios 1st Gen


Just before Hari Raya, Wan came to us wanting to upgrade his head unit from the stock standard cd player. His choice was the Sony XAV-W650BT. This is one of the top-of-the-line consumer range units from Sony that plays DVD, has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, NFC One Touch Connection, Music Playback for Android Smartphone, front USB and Aux connection and 3 Pre Outs to name a few of its features. Impressive indeed.


The Toyota Vios 1st Gen (G Spec) stock head unit is a Toyota 200mm size player. So you pretty much have the option of installing a 200MM size player or a universal 2 DIN player, no dash kit required. Usually, 200MM receivers will come ready with Toyota sockets which will just readily plug in to the existing car stereo leads.



However, if you were to install a universal double DIN such as Wan did with the Sony XAV-W650BT, we would recommend for you to get the Harness Adapter (Female) and also the Side Filler Trim piece. The harness adapters will avoid you having to cut up the original wires and the side filler trims to cover up the gaps on the sides.


We did give the install some extra love and used some cable wraps to keep the wires neat.


Firing up the Sony XAV-W650BT!


As usual, once the unit is in, we give it a quick run through at the same briefing the customer on the unit.


3 Pre-outs is definitely good to have in case you want to add amplifiers and sub woofer in the future.


NFC One Touch connection, one of the unique points of this units.


Sony XAV-W650BT + Toyota Vios = Happy Driving 🙂

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Devan’s VW Jetta “Air Mirroring” and foglamp LED upgrade

About a week ago, Devan had his VW Jetta head unit upgraded from a no brand unit to the Kenwood DNX535VBT. If you missed it, here is the link

Devan came back to add the Kenwood KCA-WL100 WiFi HDMI dongle because he wanted to use the “Air Mirroring” feature.


First things first, we check that the unit is running good and there are no issues. Next thing to do was to remove the player so that we can access the HDMI connection at the back.

Quick Tip: Install the KCA-WL100 dongle at a reachable location as you may need to use the mode switch when switching between Android and Apple.


Installation didn’t take too long and pretty soon we could start testing out the “Air Mirroring” feature. Check out the video below for a quick demo of the “Air Mirroring” in action.

Devan also was not too happy with his fog lamps. So he opted to do an LED upgrade. His goal was for something brighter ans slightly whiter than the stock bulbs. We had the Redant 6000K LED kit which fit perfectly for his application.



Redant LED Kit ready to be installed.



See the Ribbon type heat sink. Cool eh?


We didn’t cut wires for the LED upgrade as it is made to fit standard bulb sizes. However, there are some added bits after the install which we tied up nicely to keep the area neat.


See the LED?


Here is how the finished installation looks.  The Fog Lamp LED’s are not as white as the headlamp, but whiter than the stock bubs. Devan seemed pretty happy with the result, so jobs done!

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Pioneer DEH-X6850BT installed into the Mitsubishi Triton


This time around we had the opportunity to install the Pioneer DEH-X6850BT into Terry’s Mitsubishi Triton 4×4.


Terry was formerly using the DEH-9350SD, which was a decent receiver. However, it was lacking the Bluetooth connectivity which is so useful these days with music streaming. So, being a loyal Pioneer guy, Terry decided to get the DEH-X6850BT which has built-in Bluetooth connectivity and Mixtrax amongst other features when compared to his previous unit.


First things first, out goes the previous receiver. The previous wiringjob was not too bad, however we did find a wire detached. So we proceeded to clean this up and prepare the wirings for the new unit.


Here’s the DEH-X6850BT in its new home on the Mitsubishi Triton. The updated design of the new model definitely looks good and the unit sounds amazing.


Pioneer also supplies an external wired mic that you can place in the location of your choice. We find that the location close to the sun visor above gives the best result.


Here is how it looks in the Triton. The colors seem to match the steering wheel. Nice!

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