The Kenwood DDX7019BT is almost similar to the DDX719WBT except it's a standard 2-DIN which means it can fit most of the cars out there. If your car does not have a standard 2-DIN dimension for the head unit, you just need to get a dashboard kit that's specific to your car.

One of the difference between the DDX7019BT and the DDX719WBT is the touch screen is clear resistive (DDX7019BT) instead of capacitive (DDX719WBT). The hands-free mic of the DDX7019BT is built-in to the head unit's body instead of a wired remote mic.

The screen size is similar at 6.95". Most people have the misunderstanding that the bigger screens would mean the unit is bigger. For your general knowledge, a 2-DIN player can house a 6.2" screen size all the way to 8" screen. The installation dimension is always specified in DIN size, not screen size.

Similar to the DDX719WBT, the DDX7019BT feautures USB Mirroring for Android (iPhone support yet to be announced), Spotify, Bluetooth, USB and DVD playback.

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